The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Product Information
Package Sizes   Analysis
¡170‚‡ ¡1kg ¡3.8kg   N-5@P-8@K-5

¡Can be applied to any type of rose such as old varieties, English roses, Hybrid tea, Floribunda, Miniature roses, Climbing roses, whether they are pot grown or growing in your garden.

Product Features
¡A perfect combination of nutrients specially formulated for roses.
based on Biogold Original
The nutrients within Biogold Rose Selection are enhanced with high quality amino acids, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and other trace elements.
Biogold Rose Selection builds on the fine reputation of Biogold Original, which has become hugely popular with many plant enthusiasts and professional growers for many years.
As an entirely organic fertilizer plants will absorb the nutrients through their root system quickly and naturally to stimulate vigorous growth. You will soon notice an increase in buds and flowers as well as an improvement in flower color and foliage.
¡100% natural ingredients
Biogold Rose Selection contains only 100% organic ingredients to make it one of the safest and kindest fertilizers for your roses.
¡Stronger plants will improve disease resistance
Biogold Rose Selection will help develop stronger, healthier roses to improve disease resistance even if planted in difficult locations.

How to Use
  Direction‚“ for Use
¡Fertilize to stimulate budding or to restore strength after flowering.
STEP 1 Just scatter directly on to the soil of the surface around the plant.
  ¦There will be a steady release of all nutrients over a 30-day period so please allow a little time to judge the effect.
  Application rates can be adapted to the age and vigor of the rose, its growing conditions or the desired growth rate.



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