The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Product Information
Package Sizes   Analysis
¡1kg ¡10kg   N-2@P-8@K-4
¦The 10kg bag is available to professional growers    

¡Suitable for all kinds of lawn grasses.

Product Features
¡Numerous professional green keepers have recognized the real impact of Biogold Grass Selection
Biogold Grass Selection has been developed in consultation with leading green keepers from a range of golf courses and country clubs.
Its fully organic ingredients will promote a healthier root system, and also encourage more vigorous growth when compared with other chemical fertilizers.
It will help develop stronger and healthier roots to improve disease resistance even if planted in difficult locations.
Will not cause fertilizer scorch to the leaves of the grass.
¡Will promote new growth to damaged root systems
Its balance of nutrients and active ingredients has shown to promote a healthier root system indicated by the formation of thick, white root tips.
¡As a result of thicker, stronger grass, weeds will find it difficult to grow
Results of the test:
Picture 1- used, Picture 2 - unused
¡With 100% natural ingredients and trace elements you can achieve a more natural cultivation in your garden
Completely non-toxic so harmless to children and pets.

How to use
¡Whether laying turf or sowing new lawns merely scatter Biogold Grass Selection uniformly over the growing area.
STEP 1 Scatter granules at a rate of 100-150g per square meter uniformly over the entire growing area then water in.
STEP 2 Fertilize again after a month of the first application.
point To prepare and improve the overall soil conditions.
  Biogold Grass selection is ideal for improving soil fertility.
An important requirement for the perfect lawn is to create a fertile, free draining soil. To achieve this you can mix 5kg of Biogold Grass Selection with some good quality leaf mould or well-rotted farmyard manure. Include this mixture at a rate of 1 part mixture to 3 parts of good quality topsoil.
¡To use as a top dressing
STEP 1 Just scatter Biogold Grass Selection uniformly over the lawn at a rate of 100-150g per square meter.
STEP 2 Water the grass after application in order to encourage the fertilizer to permeate into the roots.
STEP 3 Repeat the method after a month. Then follow the same process at monthly intervals.
notice Application rates can be adapted to improve the color of the leaves, the vigor of the grass, its growing conditions or the desired growth rate.
  Increase the number of applications if the grass is planted in difficult conditions such as poor light or on poor soils.
point Good lawn management together with regular applications of Biogold Grass Selection will provide you with a better lawn overall.


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