The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Biogold Classic gMotohih Package sizes Shape of the pellet Direction for Use
Product Features ¥@How to Use ¥

Product Information
Package Sizes     Analysis
¡200g ¡1.3kg ¡3.2kg ¡5kg     N-2@P-8@K-4

¡Suitable for all kind of plants
@(roses, lawns, trees, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs etc)
¡On weakened plants they soon become healthier and greener.

Product Features
¡An ideal soil enrichment for plants
Plants with a strong root system grow more vigorously. Biogold Classic gMotohih will promote a healthier root system indicated by the formation of thick, white root tips. It is particularly effective when used on young seedlings.
¡Provides the best soil for plant growth
The cylindrical shaped pellets are easy to mix with the soil. They will quickly enrich the soil with beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms to provide the best conditions for plant growth. It is also effective to use during potting or transplanting.
¡For weakened plants
Motohi's beneficial qualities can reinvigorate weakened or stressed plants.

How to Use
  Directions for Use
¡Potting and Transplanting
STEP 1 Please mix Motohi with your potting soil when you are potting your plants at a rate of 10-15% by volume.
  When planting in the ground such as flowerbed or vegetable garden, add a quantity to the hole and mix with soil before placing the plant.
STEP 2 Once complete, water in fully.
¡ For growing plants in the ground or in a pot
STEP 1 On established garden plants just scatter some pellets around the base of the plant.
STEP 2 Water fully.



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