The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Biogold Policy
slight variation Every effort is made to produce Biogold to the highest standards but there may be some slight variations in colour and nutrient content between batches. This will not affect quality.
requirements The most benefit will be achieved when Biogold is used to the manufacturers recommendations and when all other requirements are met for moisture, light and temperature.
as a garden fertiliser Biogold is non-toxic and is harmless to pets. However, it is supplied to be used only as a garden fertilizer and should not be eaten or used for any other purpose.
no need other fertilisers Nutrient Content | Biogold fertilizers contain a full range of nutrients and trace elements that have been designed to keep you plants healthy. There is no need to supplement with other fertilizers.


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