The Biogold Series consists of a full range of organic fertilizers that have been specially formulated for Bonsai,Roses,Orchids and Flowers.

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Biogold History
Biogold fertilizer has had a remarkable history since the early days when we first developed our famous growth stimulant liquid and solid that rejuvenated those treasured pine trees from such a precarious condition.

We would now like to show you the enormous effort that has allowed us to develop such an extensive range of products since that time and which has now brought us to our current fortunate position.

Let us remind you of our history by recalling some of our most popular products.

1984 Neo-Yukin
Our first development was a powdered stabilizer to help rejuvenate pine trees. Marketed under the trade name of "Neo-Yukin*1".
*1@"Neo-Yukin" was a basic form and prototype of "Biogold Classic Motohi".

See the picture of the pamphlet we used during that period.


1986 Neo-Yukin
A liquid form of "Neo-Yukin" was developed and released as a soil drench and as an inoculant. This was the forerunner to "Biogold Vital".
1987 Neo-Yukin Bonsai
"Neo-Yukin" made its debut onto the Bonsai market. Released under the trade name of "Neo-Yukin Bonsai" it quickly gained enormous popularity among the professional growers. They soon recognized that "Neo-Yukin Bonsai" was highly effective in reviving weakened bonsai trees.
1988 Biogold Triangle
We then developed a fully organic fertilizer from natural ingredients, which was released under the name of "Biogold Triangle". Mr. Kyuzo Murata*2, who was the number one Bonsai technician in Japan at that time and also known as "A God of Bonsai" among the bonsai professionals, taught us many things. He knew the exact characteristics of a bonsai fertilizer and guided its development. To our surprise the Japanese Imperial house adopted "Biogold Triangle" as their bonsai fertilizer. We were honored to become a purveyor of fertilizer to the Imperial Household Agency.
It was also in this year that "Biogold Triangle" was shipped to foreign countries for the first time.
*2 Kyuzo Murata (1902 ` 1991) was the founder and the grand master of Kyuka-En in Omiya Bonsai Village in Saitama Pref. Japan.
1989 Bio-Roots
We then developed a root growth accelerator for lawn grass. It was released under the trade name of "Bio-Root", which was developed in consultation with many famous golf course and country club green keepers from all over Japan.
1991 Orchid
Our next specialized fertilizer was released under the name of "Orchid" and as you might expect was specifically formulated for orchids. Yet again its benefits were widely recognized by professional orchid growers and it soon gained a firm position in the market.
1993 NHK TV program
Meanwhile the reputation of "Neo-Yukin" had grown and its impressive effects were televised on a NHK*3 TV program. The program investigated why the pine trees were still dying. As a result, "Neo-Yukin" received nation wide publicity as it showed how it had revived many weakened and dying pine trees throughout Japan.
*3 Japan Governmental Broadcasting Company
1994 Original / Super Biogold
This was the inaugural year of our two premier products "Biogold Original" and "Super Biogold", which were released on to the market. Both of these products were enhanced with more nutrients than both "Bigold Triangle" and "Orchid".
1995 NHK TV program
Interest in "Neo-Yukin" continued with further television coverage that focused again on Biogoldfs ability to save dying pine trees in Japan. This time publicity on NHK TV continued for 2 weeks while they tried to discover why the pines were still dying and whether they could be saved. Each time Biogold gave positive results.
1997 Biogold Vital
"Biogold Vital" was released as an organic growth stimulant in liquid form. It was developed by taking only the best characteristics from both "Neo-Yukin" and "Bio-Billion" .
By selling these products to professional growers it earned us a huge reputation and popularity within the professional horticultural market.
2001 Kimamani-Mist
A dilute liquid stimulant of "Biogold Vital" was released as "Kimamani-Mist"
This product was diluted with natural pure water and supplied ready to use in a 500 ml spray bottle.
  Biogold Classic Motohi
It was also during this year that a new fertilizer was released called "Biogold Classic Motohi". This product was enhanced with nutrients and formed into cylindrical shaped pellets to be used as a base dressing.
2002 Biogold Soil
An ideal potting soil for plants was developed and released under the name of "Biogold Soil". It was made from leaf mould and Akadama.
2003 Biogold Grass Selection
"Biogold Grass Selection" was released.
Combining the knowledge gained from "Neo-Yukin" (for grass) and "Bio-Roots" (for grass) we created "Biogold Grass Selection" for golf courses. The shape of the new product was changed from the familiar triangle to a granulated one.
  pruning shears
We also began to diversify by adding the highest quality pruning shears to our product range. These tools are made by top class Japanese craftsman.
2005 Biogold Rose Selection
A new fertilizer for roses was released called "Biogold Rose Selection".
The product was developed together with some of the finest rose growers in Japan and was specially formulated for roses based on our "Biogold Original".
  Biogold Neem
A Neem Oil product was released under the name of "Biogold Neem".
This is a 100% natural neem oil product.
2005` Biogold range
Today we are proud to supply a complete range of 10 products that meets the highest expectations of our professional and amateur growers. We are sure you will be as delighted as they are with the complete Biogold range.


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